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Finally...A Proven Android Emoji Template!

😈 Brand New, Fully Loaded & Compatible with over 10,000 Devices! 😈

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BRAND NEW FULLY LOADED TEMPLATE! Here's what's included:

  • Android emoji source code
  • Unlimited license + instant download link
  • Priority support
  • Full tech guide with video instructions
  • Copy / Paste emojis anywhere
  • Facebook SDK integrated (FB tracking & ads ready)
  • NEW FEATURE: Use emojis in Facebook Comments section
  • Access to our development & design team
  • 7 Day risk free / 100% money back guarantee
  • For questions, email us at info@emojidomination.com

You're Missing Out on MORE Income!  

If you're not developing for Android, you're leaving A LOT of 💵 on the table.

Over 80% of people worldwide own an Android device, don't miss out on the majority of app users!

If you're just developing your app for iOS you're not maximizing your profits - making your app cross platform could double and even triple your income. 

Our Android template is compitable with over 10,000 android devices and can be published to the Google Play and Amazon stores in just 1 day.

Don't Waste Your Time with Other Emoji Templates

The problems with other templates you'll find out there is...

1.) Buggy & crashes

Every emoji Andoid template on the market (yes, we've tried them all) simply doesn't perform. The reason being, they're old and outdated. Secondly, there are SOO many Android devices (Samsung, Nexus, Google, etc.), it's almost impossible to comply with every device. 


Everyone told us we were wasting our time developing an Android emoji template, and you know what? They were right! 

But we did it anyways😈

It was EXTREMELY difficult. We spent months + over $10,000 to develop an emoji app that works! And even after $10k and months of development, we STILL nearly scrapped the project. 

Why did we spend so much time and effort creating this template? 

Easy, we estimated we were missing out on more than 40% of additional revenue by NOT having an Android emoji app - and we were right💸! 

Our app sales nearly doubled with the release of an Android version (not to mention happier customers). 

And this template is Brand New so everything is up to date and works flawlessly with new devices and operating systems.

2.) Keyboard toggling

Most emoji apps have a button on the keyboard to toggle emojis for easy textng. 

However, some devices (🗣cough; Samsung) DO NOT have a button to switch back and forth from the standard ABC keyboard to the emoji keyboard. 

This small nuisance has resulted in millions of unhappy emoji users and tons of bad app reviews.

Don't let this happen to you. Seriously!

Our template has solved this problem and is compatible so every user can easily use the app successfully (which is why our apps have such great reviews; see for yourself😎).

3.) Ease of use

The biggest complaint we see from emoji users is ➡️ usability. Not everyone is as tech savvy as your 14 year old nephew👦🏼...Most people struggle enabling emojis on their device.

With most emoji apps, you need to manually go into your device's Settings, find the keyboard menu, browse and toggle your keyboard, go back into the device's chat area...you might as well be juggling chainsaws while trying to play the harmonica riding a unicyle. 

Because Android hosts SOO many devices, each device has different instructions and protocols needed to enable a simple emoji on your device.

It's a HUGE inconvenience!

But our template is built for quick and easy usability. You can find your emoji and paste it in your conversation in a matter of seconds. On every device!

Give the User What THEY Want 

We've released tons of emoji apps and found that Android users want grid view emoji apps. That means they open the app and can easily view and select the emoji they want to use. Using a grid view emoji app allows users to:

  • view more emojis faster
  • see emojis in a larger size for easy selecting
  • easily choose how to use the emoji (text, FB, WhatsApp, email, etc.)

By publishing grid view emoji apps, you will:

  • reduce refunds
  • eliminate bad reviews
  • get rid of endless support complaints

Give the user what they want and let them send the emoji right from the app!

Start Using Emojis in Facebook, Email, WhatsApp and MORE 

Our emoji app works on all major communication apps! Including text, Facebook WhatsApp, Skype…and many MORE!  

But, here’s the really cool part (at least for us🤓)…  

Our app also allows users to message emojis on Facebook Messenger AND comment on Facebook posts!  

Is your mind blown😵 ? Probably not…

But this is the feature MOST developers want and request that other emoji apps can’t and don’t do. Stay ahead of everyone else with this brand new feature and integration. Your app can be amongst the first to allow Facebook commenting.  

Another really cool feature our app includes, is autosaving emojis into your device’s photo albums (Wow😍). This means there is really No Limit to how and where you can use these emojis. Anywhere you can add an attachment or photo, you can use the emojis.  

That means your emojis and app will get even MORE exposure and shares🤙.

Once the user saves the emojis to their photos in a custom album (done in less than a minute with a few clicks), they just click the attachment icon (usually a camera or paperclip icon), and select the emoji. 

Because they don't leave their ABC keyboard, it's still there to add a comment to the emoji (that is saved like a photo). 

Check out the live app example of this template here or search for "PooddleMoji" in the Google Play Store.

Get Free Updates & Bonus Features [FOR LIFE]

One of the biggest nuisances with developing apps, is there’s always some new Operating System or compliance the app store requires us to abide by. Even MORE annoying are all the bells and whistles in the app that get outdated👵🏻 (like the Facebook integration).

When you purchase our app template, we will make sure you always have the most up to date version available🏅. Even after purchase, we will send you updates to the code for Free so you can update your apps without having to pay hefty dev fees.  

We’re in this together and want to see your app succeed!  

Click the button below and start dominating the Android market with your killer emoji app :)

Quick Note About Old Samung Devices...  

The Emoji Domination Android Template works with over 10,000 Android devices (more than 95% of Andoid devices. However, some older Samsung devices do not have the hardware capabilites to host emoji keyboards. Specifically if the Samsung device lacks the 🌐 globe or ☺ emoji buttons.

If an Android device has the hardware capabilities to host emojis, we've got it covered! Especially because the template supports grid-view copy/paste function.

With the thousands of downloads and apps we have developed, this has not been a problem. We've received 0 messages and complains from users AND developers.

Again, this only effects a handful of old Samsung devices. We are only mentioning this so you know EXACTLY what to expect. 

What Does This Template Have to Offer? 

A lot! The Emoji Domination Android Template has everything you could want right out of the box..in today's market. Save thousands of dollars and months of your time + your sanity by using our proven template + system instead starting from scratch.  


An app templates organization is important because it saves you time. No more will you be looking for files or searching for hours to replace an ID. Our templates are expertly organized with color marked folders.


If you are looking for a full service option that where we take care of the reskin for you, we can work that out. It can be turnkey or a combination of services. You could supply us with the graphics and your ID's and we could send you the project ready to upload. Check out our packages below. 


The platform has to be crisp and clean so the app is lag and crash free. This template ready for your abuse on over 10,000 Android Devices!


What is an app without users? We are working on courses to launch in the future to help you get low cost, yet high value users using things like network advertising and Facebook ads.


This template is setup so a non programmer (me) can go in and change things like: Emoji Count, Add new buttons, and much more!


You will get lifetime updates with this tempate for Google compliance.

7-Day / 100% Money Back Guarantee

Secure Checkout

Have any questions about this? Email us now for a quick answer: info@EmojiDomination.com