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Custom Emoji & Caption Builder

Awesome App! Tons of features. One-time payment. Yours forever. Full of possibilities! Finally, a way to make an app users will love that doesn't break the bank! Create a totally custom emoji builder with little time investment. 

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Quick glance of features 

First ever hybrid custom emoji / caption builder available. It was overbuilt for us and now simplified for ease of use for you and your users. 

Watch me setting this emoji builder up in less than 2 minutes! 



What type of support do I get? 

We provide free compliance updates for life. If you find a bug we will work our best to fix this bug in a timely manor. If you have questions on how to setup this app up that are not covered in the tech guide and videos, we will help you. If you need to hire a developer or programmer to take over this project we can do that as well. Just ask.  

What if I have an existing emoji app?

If you have an existing emoji app then you can use the face and body emojis just like we did to put into this app. Then you use the included overlays to allow the user to create awesome custom emojis! Click here to read a blog post where I talk about this in more detail. 

Can I see a LIVE version of this app?

Sure. The version in the store would reflect the PRO Edition above. It's very similar to the other editions but without welcome screens, user backup, email lead capture and backend marketing. Once you are inside the app, the features will be the same. Check this app by clicking here

What does the code look like? 

Is the project organized and do we have an easy to follow tech guide? YES! Click here for the Xcode project walkthrough.

Will this support iPhone X?

Yes. The live version in the store has not been updated yet, but we have it done and ready to go. 

Won't it be hard to stand out with an emoji app these days?

If you don't have something to over delivery and differentiate yourself. Compared to a standard emoji app, here is what you would be bringing to the table for your users. Emoji builder with custom accessories, background maker, caption maker and the ability to send emojis 3 ways! So, it's safe to say you will a leg up on the competition in your niche.

How can I pick a profitable niche for the emoji builder?

See what has dominated the charts this year and what is still there. You can zero in on what type of niche to go after. Every popular niche emoji app that you have either had or seen hit the top of it's category is up for grabs. The kind of apps that have generated awesome revenue. I don't mean taking their actual app, but the niche! I'm talking about using the validation of these apps and creating your own version that is waaayyyy cooler than standard pre-made emojis. A lot of these popular niches keep organically growing over time and they just want something new, but still in their realm of what's cool. Do you see what I'm saying? Using the data from this years poplar emoji niches you can create an app no other developers have access to and retarget those popular audiences. Summary: Easily accessible validation data + High demand + Unfair advantage using a project that only a handful of developers have = Win. S, high demand with low completion. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Click here to read a blog post I wrote about how to pick a profitable niche. 

What if I need design, development or programming work done?

No Problem. Just click here to email me and just explain what you need. Use a subject, "quote". I'll get back to you asap. I have a personal design and development team that is fast and great!

What is your refund policy?

7 Day Risk Free / 100% Money Back Guarantee  

What if I have a question about these editions?

Click here to email us.  

Who am I?

An app developer and marketer that also happens to be a hungry runner/cyclist that loves to push the limits beyond the reasonable standards. I started publishing apps back in October of 2012 (part time) and learned a lot along the way. In August of 2016 I finally went full time with apps. Now over 2 years later things are still going great! At, we teach you everything we’ve learned along journey to publishing apps full time. From blog posts about improving revenue to hands-on tutorials. Through a lot of trial and error, over 125 apps in the App Store, over 1mm+ downloads before we started using paid acquisition, we’ve learned how lucrative an app business can be if it’s approached the right way. 

-Todd Smith / Outlandish Apps,, OE, FN, BRP. 

A little advice I wish I would have taken in my younger days of app development.

Good for anyone that's stuggled in the app game.  

Whatever you do, avoid these 5 things....Please!  

There are 5 mistakes I constantly see people making (I used to be one of them), that derail them and crush their chances of making it.  

On my journey from part time app developer to fulltime app developer / marketer, I encountered these and was able to beat them.  

You will probably face a few of them on your journey, but you have to push through if you are going to reach your goal of building up a profitable app(s) that scale. 


Building your entire business off stuff you learn in blog posts and podcasts  

Most "experts" on a podcast or guest posting on a blog are invited to talk about how they were able to figure out X, by doing Y. The results and tactics can be 100% Genuine, but the steps they run through aren’t always the full picture.  

It's not because they are lying. It's probably because they only have so much time. The problem is....  

It can come off like the steps they talk about are the only ones you need to reach success. They don't have time to hit on the topics in-between the lines.  

It helps when you don't have to rush through things AND you use a plan that someone [ME] is using (at a similar level as you) to produce results in todays market. In 2017. Not 2-3 years ago. Keyword is "using" not used. Not speculating. Not guessing. Not assuming or projecting. Not promoting an idea just because it makes sense. Using. Using it today. 


Not setting up your apps to monetize in todays market.  

Whether you are using your own apps, a template or a custom template project, they need to be setup to monetize for todays users. A lot of apps leave out this step. Seriously. They spend so much time and effort building it yes they fall short. I've sure you've had projects in the past where you got it 90%, but don't finish it and that last 10% kills the project.  

It's like building a very pretty looking product, but you ran out of time so you skipped product testing and it doesn't work. So it looks good, but doesn't solve the problem it was supposed to.  

So you have an pretty / shinny product that you can tell people you have, but is that the point?  

Or would you rather have a product that could use some visual improvements, but functions great. Over delivers!  

Kind of like an old blog post where I asked...  

"Do you want to tell people you publish apps or make money from apps?"  

Big difference. I should know. When I first started out (back in 2012), I was the latter. 


Thinking you need overnight success and those other people just got "lucky"  

So timing is real and some people do just get lucky.  

Heard of the lottery?  

However, the odds are so slim that a lot of these people couldn't have all just "got lucky" or "timed it just right".  

I didn't give this too much thought until last year when I started getting out and meeting more app developers and marketers from all walks of time at with varying degrees of success. It started with an event in Hawaii last May.  

If all the successful people I met just "got lucky" then why were all their circumstances different? Ethnicity, Location, App Categories, Age, Gender...?  

It was because most of them didn't "get lucky". They worked hard, learned from their mistakes and from people smarter and more successful than them. Eventually things started going their way.  

It's funny when you read an interview about someone that finally "made it" and it looks like overnight success. A lot of times they tell the real story about how they failed on projects and struggled for 5-10 years before this success.  

My point? I thought it was clear, but here's the summary. Instead of just looking at successful people as a rarity, I started meeting up with them in Hawaii, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Florida to see how I could help and learn from them.  

I found that even if you sit down with someone that is in the exact business shoes you want to fill, ask he questions you think you need to ask, it still takes hard work and more information perspective ad failures to really blaze your path to success or even a win.  

You take little nuggets along the way and pair that with your own unique experience to really find something that works for you.  

I know I wouldn't be where I am today without building relationships with people at events like these.  

Hawaii (twice), Amsterdam, San Francisco 


Thinking you need more downloads than you really do  

I know we all have this great idea that we need a million downloads to create an app business, but it just isn't the case. At least starting out I think It's important think a little differently.  

Let's think about the goals you have in terms of revenue. Maybe you don't need apps to take over your existing primary income stream. Maybe you just want to supliment your income. An extra $300,$500, $1000 a month.

Now we can think about your resources at hand. What apps do you have that are already of great quality and monetize well, but just need more users? Maybe just need to use your existing emoji assets in a proven niche with a new app (like the emoji / caption builder). If you don't have any resources then it's time to think about what can convert and do well in a crowed app store and also not break the bank to create. 

In the full walkthrough video up about mid page, I go over how low cost and simple an emoji / caption builder can be to set up. Most of the content and value given to the user is the tools to create user generated content. Custom emojis and captions. You provide the base emoji heads and they do the rest.

Here is an example of how only 3 emojis apps produced over 20k in 2017. 

(Android Not Shown. That is another 5k+)

To be exact, $22,180 which on average = 

$1848 extra a month or 

$426 a week or

$60 a day.

How much of a difference of could $200-$1800 a month make?


Trying to figure everything out by yourself  

So I'm sure you know this, but it's pretty easy to "know" a lot of things you should be doing and still put them off.  

If you have some small thing to fix around your house that may take 5 minutes, but you have looked at it every day for the last year...that's fine. We all have little things like that in our lives.  

However, trying to do everything ourselves is just crazy these days. I know I'm great it some things, but for the things I'm not...I have someone else help. For example, I'm not a programmer, but can solve a lot of issues with UI, errors and tweaks in Xcode. That helps me in a pinch, but I am not going to spend 8 hours doing something that a programmer can do in 30 min.  

I used to try and do it all. That's a great recipe to do a lot of things just average or slightly below. If you hone in on your strengths to make them better then you can do a few things or even just one, but be GREAT.  

Getting great and helps you push though when it get's tough.  

We've already build an awesome custom emoji / caption builder with 3 sweet editions to pick from. 

Looking to build your first profitable app or portfolio for as supplemental income?  

Do you ever wonder how the successful app developers are always a few steps ahead?  

They publish apps that get consistent downloads + generate consistent revenue and then before you can get your piece of the pie, they sell off a small portfolio for more than my 2-bedroom house cost and move to the next niche.  

Those people used to drive me nuts.  

What was so special about them?  

I would tell myself: "They must have just got in at the right time...I missed the boat".  

Why did everything these people touch turn to gold, while I worked myself into the ground? What was the secret?  

I’ll tell you exactly what the secret is that took me awhile to figure out..  

Amateurs take things the way they come. Pros go out and make things happen.  

So in up until 18 months ago, I was still publishing apps part time and it brought in a little money, but I always had that next idea that would change it all. 

Sound Familar?  

Don't get me wrong..I love that part about me, but as I get a little older and lost some serious cash and time on projects, I realized there has to be a balance right?  

You can chase a lot of your crazy ideas that "might" payoff someday, BUT you have do some things that you know work and that you know are doable today.  

With a balance you can pay the bills today and not stress about money all the time (been there) plus build out some new things for tomorrow.  

By doing this it preserves the integrity and creativity of your visionary idea.  

When you have to turn one of those ideas into an idea that must pay next months bills, it can full apart pretty quick. That once fun idea now leaves a sour taste in your mouth just thinking about it.  

So if you are thinking about supplementing your income with apps, find a balance that works for you. 

Our custom emoji and caption builder it ready to go. 

Scroll back up to check out the editions before time runs out. We won't be overselling this.

Have a question? Click here to email me. 

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